Product Characteristics

With its new active ingredient, fluopyram, Luna Privilege provides broad-spectrum protection against a range of fungal diseases, including sclerotinia in kiwifruit. It provides growers with unparalleled efficacy against sclerotinia, increasing yields and improving the quality and marketability of your kiwifruit crop.

The new active in Luna Privilege is unique, because it provides:

  • Long-term protection of foliage, fruit and flowers – part of the active ingredient stays on the surface of the plant, which allows small quantities to penetrate in over a longer period.
  • Upward systemic distribution of the active ingredient – more thorough distribution of the active ingredient in plants because it is spread upward in the xylem – no downward movement.
  • Control of multiple stages of fungal life cycle
    - prevents the germination of spores
    - prevents growth of the fungus germination tube
    - prevents mycelium growth
    - prevents sporulation
  • Better efficacy – its translaminar effectiveness provides protection of the untreated plant surfaces too.

Exhibits a high level of safety to bees

Extensive studies have demonstrated that Luna Privilege does not impair the foraging activities of bees, harm adult bees or influence bee brood. Best bee safety guidelines should be followed.

Luna Privilege - Bees

Pollination performance

Assessments of fruit weight, as an indicator of pollination performance, were conducted during the development of Luna Privilege. From either pre-flowering or flowering applications, Luna Privilege had no effect on pollination performance.